Choirs have been shown to naturally encourage broader social and community engagement providing benefits that reach far across the wider community.

Choirs have the unique ability to connect with audiences and performers alike based on the use of an innate instrument that the majority of people connect with. Contemporary choral music is experiencing a renaissance in Australia and throughout the world with organisations like Voyces championing this cause. Contemporary choral music has the opportunity to be a powerful and expressive vehicle, through its ability to connect through music, text and instrumentation.

Voyces promote choral music as a powerful expression through the voice and the intimate blending of harmony that connects people on the most primal level.

With two national tours and countless sold out performance under their belts Voyces have no intention of slowing down and wish to extend their community to create opportunities for further endeavours to share and inspire with choral music across Australia and the globe.

If you’d like to support us in continuing the growth of Voyces and the Australian music community, please enquire below to find out more about how you or your business can be involved.


All philanthropic support assists us in achieving our goals locally, nationally and internationally and contribute towards making a name for Australia in the International choral community. Every dollar is appreciated and there is no minimum donation amount.

Please click here to make a donation, or contact Luke for more information on 0433 257 677 or

Corporate Sponsorship

Sponsorship of an emerging arts organisation can be as exciting as it is beneficial to both parties. We understand that that there are a number of reasons why an organisation, company or business  may choose to sponsor an organisation like Voyces and we would be more than happy to discuss the options with you. It is important to us that sponsorship is a two-way street with tailored sponsorship packages available.

Any parties interested in corporate sponsorship are welcome to contact Luke on 0433 257 677 or via email at

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